Among Us But LOVERS Role (mods)

23 Shk 2021
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A new Among Us mod video with the new LOVERS role. Two people are lovers and their goal is to survive until the end together. The plot twist is that IMPOSTERS and CREWMATES can be lovers, which means they'd be up against both the crew AND the other imposter...

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  • Is not piper is bogi I saw kill !

    Sopheap PhanSopheap Phan7 orë më parë
  • Bogi killed lol it's so obvious

    LionbeastLionbeast10 orë më parë
  • i new it was bogi bruh

    alok kumaralok kumar6 ditë më parë
  • ZDME some how not see bogi stacked killed

    uziel montanezuziel montanez6 ditë më parë
  • 6:40 I saw bogi kill.

    Mr Cheese's Biggest Ever FanMr Cheese's Biggest Ever Fan8 ditë më parë
  • Why Zmde Don't like Orange hahahhahahahha

    IcyPotatoUwUIcyPotatoUwU12 ditë më parë
  • Am i the only one who noticed how good quack is in finding and being the imposter?

    riswanth playzzriswanth playzz12 ditë më parë
  • It’s Bogi!

    Doug PetersonDoug Peterson12 ditë më parë
  • They didn’t know Brown and cyan were lovers and cyan killed purple

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Cyan killed blue but zmde said white and they voted white

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Blue said green and zmde were lovers

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Lime called a meeting

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Quack said to vote cyan next

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • In game two, quack faked keys

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Quack: brown the other imposter I think New York: I think orange. ZMDE: orange hard cleared. New York: orange and black are lovers. ZMDE: we are not lovers I hate this guy. Quack: zmde let’s both vote brown. Sonzai: why me. New York: no vote orange. ZMDE: ok guys I have a plan everybody skip and stay together if the imposter kills then we can vote right away coz if we vote wrong on 4, we will lose. Sonzai: ok buddy

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • New York: memes is dead memes were with you guys

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • ZMDE: I was with orange the entire time BlueAcid: ORANGE YOUR SERIOUSLY THROWING ME UNDER THE BUS. ZMDE: lmao blue don’t even try that. Quack: ok guys listen it’s blue. BlueAcid: ITS ORANGE. Quack: I have some tasks to prove it. ZMDE: listen I am hard cleared orange hard cleared and blue was moving sus the entire round. BlueAcid: FOR GOODNESS SAKE UTS ORANGE. Quack: and blue is accusing 2 people. ZMDE:blue can’t get his story straight. Quack: keep ur story straight bro. ZMDE: Blue it’s not Acid it’s lava but I Think u’ll find your self just at home BlueAcid: ok but for real it’s orange

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • BlueAcid: ZMDE KILLED I SAW. New York: it’s orange!!!

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • ZMDE: BLUE KILLED. Quack: me and zmde was blue kill

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • ZMDE: orange hats cleared for real. ZacWindows: LEGIT ZMDE IS VOUCHING ZMDE: I am also clear I have more tasks. ZacWindows: I AM FOLLOWING ZMDE

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • New York: I think orange and zmde are lovers

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • ZacWindows: it’s zmde vote him off. Quack: no it’s not we are both crew mates

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • MarshDetec: I saw quack following piper MarshDetec: so it’s orange

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • ZacWindows: It’s zmde. ZacWindows: zmde was in the office

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Blue was the other imposter and orange and zmde sussed blue

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Orange think it was Brown

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Red think zmde and orange were lovers

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • Green was sussing zmde in the lovers mode when he was in office

    Farrukh KhFarrukh Kh15 ditë më parë
  • i know is boji beacuase when he stack kill he move so zmde now 99999999 iq to 88888888 iq

    surya kambangsurya kambang19 ditë më parë
  • How to download the mod?

    Malboy16Malboy1619 ditë më parë
  • Zmde are gay

    Toca moonlightToca moonlight22 ditë më parë
  • Quack by help he didnt mean kill

    Paula SmithPaula Smith27 ditë më parë
  • am i the only one who saw bogi stack kill?

    Aman AhmadzaiAman Ahmadzai28 ditë më parë
  • its bogi

    Preeth ThulasiramPreeth ThulasiramMuaj më parë
  • I hate Bogi now and I’m not subscribing to him if he has a channel I’m only a ZMDE fan

    Anthony WilliamsAnthony WilliamsMuaj më parë
  • I can’t believe that anytime bogi isn’t the imposter he voted him out but then when he is he doesn’t vote him

    Anthony WilliamsAnthony WilliamsMuaj më parë
  • I love how ZMDE is so worried about Covid in among us with social dictenceing!!!

    šhåđøøw ğuřĺšhåđøøw ğuřĺMuaj më parë
  • i saw bogi move during the stack kill fool

    Cynthia WaldrumCynthia WaldrumMuaj më parë
  • You and chary are a sussy baka

    PrincessAngel_KimPrincessAngel_KimMuaj më parë
  • was I the only one who actually saw bogi teleport to the dead body AND the blood go off.... yes? ok....

    Folawemi BamiduroffFolawemi BamiduroffMuaj më parë
  • I love the intro

    LizzynotfoundLizzynotfoundMuaj më parë
  • Plot twitst in this video only lovers win

    Adrineet♡⁺◟(●˙▾˙●)◞⁺♡Adrineet♡⁺◟(●˙▾˙●)◞⁺♡Muaj më parë
  • Big Babi: Boo! Me and Zmde: Ahh Zmde: Whoa chill man Me: yeah like c'mon ur starting to become like Spartan

    The Magical World of HamsiThe Magical World of HamsiMuaj më parë
  • Srsly that is valuable info

    The Magical World of HamsiThe Magical World of HamsiMuaj më parë
  • i rewind and cyan killed blue if you look closely

    Ashley WashingtonAshley WashingtonMuaj më parë
  • Cyan

    jason Fletcherjason FletcherMuaj më parë
  • I saw exactly who killed at lights the first round it was BOGI

    Yan SunYan SunMuaj më parë

    friendkaustavfriendkaustavMuaj më parë

    Marcelo gabriel VallesMarcelo gabriel VallesMuaj më parë
  • Love your vids

    robert zimmermanrobert zimmermanMuaj më parë
  • Zdme : today we are playing 2 games of among us but Me **pauses the vid** I’m a bitch

    Victory bros ReactsVictory bros ReactsMuaj më parë
  • I already knew it was bogi bogi literally was on top of the body

    Muaj më parë
  • Guys can you teach me how to use lovers?

    Mohd LukmanMohd LukmanMuaj më parë
  • 1:56 6ft apart. Thank you

    lafis_lala_lu Acquahlafis_lala_lu AcquahMuaj më parë
  • I love your video

    SallySallyMuaj më parë
  • (Cyan kills) ZMDE: It's piper Me: BuT iTs CyAn ZMDE!

    | •Tired Potato• || •Tired Potato• |Muaj më parë
  • Hey if you're the Imposter next round try to basically kill all the grenades if you are

    chelsey Moodychelsey Moody2 muaj më parë
  • Oh uh just social distancing you know trying to be safe

    Jacob RamseyJacob Ramsey2 muaj më parë
  • Orange: Killed Blue Zmde and Orange: ITS BLUE I SAW BLUE KILLED IN AMONG US

    Lorna PetersLorna Peters2 muaj më parë
  • Wow thar explains the imposter x crewmate

    Minni AldanMinni Aldan2 muaj më parë
  • Fun fact when i clicked on this video a ad for among us play right before the actual video 😂

    MOVIE_GIRL2006MOVIE_GIRL20062 muaj më parë

    Deuce BergeronDeuce Bergeron2 muaj më parë
  • Hi

    Emillyyy is DaddyEmillyyy is Daddy2 muaj më parë
  • You idoint cyan moves remember the place ok bc its easy to spot the imposter

    Dirk Rayleigh Dela CruzDirk Rayleigh Dela Cruz2 muaj më parë
  • It’s bigi

    18204 Amaan Yasser Effendi18204 Amaan Yasser Effendi2 muaj më parë
  • Zmde and quack sitting in a tree K I S S I NG first comes love, then comes marriage,Then comes a baby in the baby carriage orange and black

    Anne CurtisAnne Curtis2 muaj më parë
  • Vote bogi

    yosief haileyosief haile2 muaj më parë
  • ZMDE your old it was bogi who moved

    yosief haileyosief haile2 muaj më parë

    RasazyRasazy2 muaj më parë
  • It always happens in the end

    Sora AyobiSora Ayobi2 muaj më parë
  • you get away with everything bruh i love when quack says imposter and then the next thing that come out when thay say downnnn!

    Consuelo RamirezConsuelo Ramirez2 muaj më parë
  • I hate you Kage and Bogi

    Brody the Smash PlayerBrody the Smash Player3 muaj më parë
  • part 2 plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    artimid_btsarmy4everartimid_btsarmy4ever3 muaj më parë
  • I knew it was bogi because he moved when y'all fixing the lights

    Rayyan faarisRayyan faaris3 muaj më parë
  • "We are not lovers I hate this guy" 🤣🤣🤣

    MinecraftCactusMinecraftCactus3 muaj më parë
  • Happy pride month or somethin

    •Shadowmilktea•✨•Shadowmilktea•✨3 muaj më parë
  • Quack: I’m imposter :) ZMDE: DAMNNNNNNN!

    • Stephanie •• Stephanie •3 muaj më parë
  • I miss big babi

    D3MoNd HuNtErD3MoNd HuNtEr3 muaj më parë
  • Zmde is a noob Bogi killed in front of zmde and he is like pipier Idiot

    Sweety MangalSweety Mangal3 muaj më parë
  • You fool

    黎芷瑜4C09黎芷瑜4C093 muaj më parë
  • I forgot to say here

    黎芷瑜4C09黎芷瑜4C093 muaj më parë
  • Hi

    黎芷瑜4C09黎芷瑜4C093 muaj më parë
  • ether gf or bf or imopster gf and crewmate bf

    ZMDEZMDE3 muaj më parë
  • Is that... Pop cat

    Anthony SukstaAnthony Suksta3 muaj më parë
  • ZMDE: Let....ugh, am in love with quack me: 😂

    Prince NyambintockPrince Nyambintock3 muaj më parë
  • Pls someone tell me how can I play in these mods.. I feel it is real not fake.. But I don't know

    Ashna M AntonyAshna M Antony3 muaj më parë
  • It looked like the imp was cyan

    VjjgarciaVjjgarcia3 muaj më parë
  • *"OH MY GOODNESS"* *"this is the thing u need" "**USMod.BuZz**"* *"There are no limits here, Am I right?”* *"完璧"*

    Nicolas Hale rileyNicolas Hale riley3 muaj më parë
    • Getcho Bot Ass On

    • Your a bot

      RmRm3 muaj më parë

      CalledMouse8396CalledMouse83963 muaj më parë
  • I say cyan kill on the stack

    Cruz OCruz O3 muaj më parë
  • I love how Orange protect ZMDE for being ejected. The Lovers role is... very cute to orange and ZMDE!!!

    Rainier ZapataRainier Zapata3 muaj më parë
  • Oh my gosh my character keeps changing

    🐉element Dragon 🐉. Story time🐉element Dragon 🐉. Story time3 muaj më parë
  • Act natrel

    🐉element Dragon 🐉. Story time🐉element Dragon 🐉. Story time3 muaj më parë
  • And now I want a boyfriend

    🐉element Dragon 🐉. Story time🐉element Dragon 🐉. Story time3 muaj më parë
  • Zmde do you know chary

    Preetha. APreetha. A3 muaj më parë
  • You. Bogi😤😤😡😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬

    Tisa HinsonTisa Hinson3 muaj më parë
  • zmde can you pls do a Q and A

    archana bajajarchana bajaj3 muaj më parë
  • It was bogi

    Jyoti HoodaJyoti Hooda3 muaj më parë
  • Zmde should make merch with vaurn and him and Zmde should make new role among us and zmde should play among us with vaurn and zmde sister

    nn3 muaj më parë
  • Do you play animal crossing? There is Reese and Cyrus...

    Daddy & DionDaddy & Dion4 muaj më parë
  • I saw bogi stack

    NickNick4 muaj më parë